Lessons for

Older Children

and Adults


Lessons for Older Learners

It is never too late to start. Our accelerated courses are designed for:

  • Older Children or Teens (age 10 - 17); and

  • Adults (age 18 - 99).

Receive full attention from our experienced tutors through our 1-on-1 private lessons, learn in a Group of 2 with a friend or sibling, or enrol into one of our Classes.


Accelerated Pathway
The Accelerated Course is designed for older students age 11 or older. Upon completion of the course, students will have the required skills and knowledge to tackle AMEB Grade 1.

Adult Pathway
Adult Course 1 is designed for all adult beginners with little to no experience. Courses will be tailored based on each student’s objective. Throughout the course, students will not only develop great piano and music skills, but will also have the opportunity to learn the music they enjoy.

Flexible Arrangement
Course and lesson duration vary depending on each student’s needs and objectives. Purchase each lesson as you go (no lock in), or take advantage of our 10-lessons package and save.